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Allister Adel for County Attorney is a registered political committee in Maricopa County, State of Arizona. Contributions to Allister Adel for County Attorney are not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes. An individual may contribute up to $6,450 per election cycle. Married couples may contribute up to $12,900 total. If married couples are collectively contributing, both individuals must sign the check. Contributions from corporations, labor unions, and foreign nationals (non- green-card holders) are prohibited. (No business or corporate credit cards or checks are authorized.) Authorized political committees (or PACs) may contribute $6,450, unless registered as a “Mega PAC” with the Arizona Secretary of State and contributions are then limited to $12,900. Arizona law requires Allister Adel for County Attorney’s best efforts to obtain, maintain, and report the name, address, occupation, and employer of any individual who contributes more than $50 in an election cycle. By providing the contribution, the contributor explicitly confirms that the contributor has not received funds from any other person or entity for the purposes of making this contribution, and who contribution will not be reimbursed by another person or entity.